Peace.Pictures and Avery's World is a movement to teach anti-bias attitudes to young children. Through animated storytelling, social media, educational materials, and fun activities, we help kids learn about other cultures, feel proud about their own, and help build a better world.

We seek like-minded companies and funders to join us in our movement.  Avery's World has fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas, which means that all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
WATCH THIS SHORT MUSIC VIDEO for a sense of the fun, excitement, and purpose of Avery's World. 
READ THE SCRIPT. This is the pre-production script for the pilot for Avery's World. This 18 page teleplay is the first step towards an 11-minute animated episode. The next step is to expand the script with camera directions and detailed visual descriptions in preparation for storyboarding.

Can a children's tv show bring peace to the world?
Yes it can!

Avery's World is a situation comedy with strong characters, lively comedy, infectious music, and an underlying mission to help children plant seeds of peace, and feel at home, in the modern, multi-cultural world.

The show follows an Anti-Bias and Diversity curriculum. Children learn that the world they inhabit is made up of contributions from many different kinds of people, and that they, too, can contribute to others.

* * * * *

The main characters represent different regions of the world. There's Ragnar, a fussy, selfish Scandinavian seagull; Lakpa, a precocious Asian kitten; Rosalia, a headstrong, musical Latina bird-of-paradise; and Avery, an artistic, optimistic dove.  Avery does not have a set cultural identity; he is "everybird" and takes on local cultural characteristics wherever the show travels. 

Each episode begins with Avery and his friends (who live together on an island) stumped by a domestic problem. For example, an ingredient may be missing from a recipe, a mysterious piece of art may be delivered, or a visitor in need may arrive.

The solution comes when one of the characters or guest stars remembers what they did "back in my homeland." The character then tells a first-person story, shown in flashback, that opens a window into a new culture and reveals the solution to the current problem. Back in the present, the friends celebrate their accomplishment with a song that reflects that newly-introduced culture.

As the characters work together to solve common problems, viewers at home learn how different cultures -- through art, music, food and industry -- contribute to their daily lives.
New article published in Performance Animation
"Anti-Bias: The Next Step Forward in Children's Programming" was written by producer Bill Weber and educational consultant Paige Desjardins to explain the educational underpinnings of our show.

The article appears in the January 2019 issue of  Performance Animation magazine.  Read it here. 

THIS VIDEO shows how the character of Ambassador Avery Bird -- in puppet form -- has inspired people to share their natural enthusiasm for peace. 
Don't Lose
Your Hat in the Zucchini Patch!
Our new cooperative board game is now being tested with young children.

The game introduces children 2-6 to international culture through something that they live, and relate to , everyday -- hats!

Most importantly, this is a "cooperative" game, meaning that players don't play against each other, they play against the game.  So everybody wins -- exactly what the Avery's World brand is about.

Stay tuned for more news about Don't Lose Your Hat in the Zucchini Patch!

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The "sales bible" is a print publication that offers an in-depth look at the characters, stories, and research behind the show. Click on the picture of the square book to view it online.

Who's Who in Changing the World

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Bill Weber  producer/chief creative officer
Stephen Cohn  musical director

Marci Levine  consulting producer
Jack Enyart  consulting producer
Paige Desjardins  educational consultant
David Bernstein  licensing consultant
Suzanne Birrell  creative consultant

Mark Kordes 
financial consultant

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