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Racism, xenophobia, intolerance, and hate crimes are on the rise worldwide.


Avery's World, a
n anti-bias television series for preschoolers.

I developed this show to  teach viewers how the art, music, food, and industry of different cultures contribute to their daily lives.

The Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry needed to change the perception of their organization from a hobbyist club to a professional trade association of high-level talent in the entertainment industry.  


Performance Animation, an on-line directory, showing off members' accomplishments and talents in 
puppetry, animatronics, creature effects, performance capture, and stop motion.  

A trophy manufacturer's economy line of acrylic mascot trophies cost too much to make and ship.  Rigid bases had to be glued on and let dry for an hour.  The resulting product then had to be wrapped in expensive cushioning in order to stay intact during shipment.


The Key Stand.  Now, the trophy moves directly from laser cutting to shipping.  The customer inserts the "key" themselves and the products ship flat in a small box with minimal packing material. 


Carry-out bags for Quick Service and arena food concessions are awkward, unstable, unsafe, and boring.


The Home Stretch 
(TM) Souvenir
Food & Beverage Carrier. 

There are 50 million fast food meals served daily in the United States. The Home Stretch is the "better bag" to help diners carry food from counter to seat with comfort, safety, and style.

Invented by Bill Weber and Susan Scior, The Home Stretch is protected by U.S. Patent 9301594.


Businesses and non-profits need to communicate with their constituencies in a clear, persuasive manner.


Intelligent, strategic, branding and marketing communications .  
I've designed everything from print (direct mail, signage, trade show exhibits, and publications) to web (banner ads, formatted email, landing pages and websites) for clients ranging from international non-profits to dog-walkers.  I don't have any one particular "style" -- I design for your audience, whether sophisticated or simple, classical or child-like.

I am an award-winning graphic, publication, and product designer.  I am also an advocate for, and producer of, quality media for families.  Most of all, I am a problem solver, who has created communications vehicles and new products that build memberships and grow businesses.

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