Does your small business want to make a big splash?

I've designed everything from print (direct mail, signage, and publications) to web (banner ads, formatted email, landing pages and websites) for clients ranging from international non-profits to dog-walkers.  I don't have any one particular "style" -- I design for your audience, whether sophisticated or simple, classical or child-like.

Is your logo good enough to be a symbol on an app menu?

A great logo will look as good on a cell phone as on the side of a private jet.  I'll design your logo to  communicate not only the name of your business, but qualities like integrity, professionalism, and expertise. 

There are 50 million fast food meals served daily in the United States. The Home Stretch is the "better bag" to help diners carry food from counter to seat with comfort, safety, and style.

The Home Stretch, invented by Bill Weber and Susan Scior, is protected by U.S. Patent 9301594.

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Pre-school Television for Peace

Avery (also known as the world famous Dove of Peace) and his friends
work together to solve common problems,  teaching viewers at home how different cultures -- through art, music, food, and industry -- contribute to their daily lives.

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I'm an artist, writer, and producer with over 25 years of experience as an advocate for, and producer of, quality media for families.

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